Saharan dust headed to South Florida

The vaunted sunsets of South Florida could get an added kick of orange color this week because of an interesting – but not entirely uncommon – weather phenomenon: dust coming in from the Sahara Desert.

Dust particles could be one of the dominant features affecting the region beginning Wednesday and lasting until next Monday, according to the National Weather Service in Miami, making for potentially hazy skies and more colorful sunsets.

But although the view at dusk could become more picturesque, particularly thick layers in the past have increased the chances of breathing problems for those with respiratory issues and dust spots on motor vehicles after brief rain showers.

However, Bob Ebaugh, a weather service specialist at the National Weather Service, said there's no reason to be concerned at this point.

"It really should not be a hazard to anybody," Ebaugh said. "This is a phenomenon that occurs just about every summer."

The dust is carried about 6,000 miles from North Africa by the same atmospheric waves that tote tropical storms.

While the dust is slated to roll in on Wednesday, the forecast is still calling for a 20 percent chance of showers.

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