Rufus the Beagle returns home after biting incident, social media campaign

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - WFTS contributed to this report

A one-year-old dog that was facing a death sentence after biting a family's young child is back home. 

According to WFTV, Orange County officials on Thursday, determined the bite wasn't as serious as first believed and Rufus was returned. 

The beagle bit a couple's four-year-old child on the lip back in April. The child's mother said the puppy isn't aggressive and it happened to be excited about his new food. 

When the woman took her son to the hospital, he only needed a few stitches, but she filled out paperwork that was needed because an animal bite was involved. That led to Animal Control taking the dog and labeling him dangerous. 


The family never intended to have the dog put down and took to social media to try to save Rufus . Luckily, Rufus has been saved! 

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