Some abandoned Pahokee buildings to be demolished

PAHOKEE, Fla.--The mayor of Pahokee, J.P. Sasser, says a handful of dilapidated buildings in the city's downtown area are set to come down within the next 45 days or so.

He says the owner of many of the vacant structures downtown now has a demolition permit.

The mayor also points out some of the old buildings in Pahokee contain asbestos, which makes for an expensive and extensive demolition process.

"Just about every old building in Pahokee contains asbestos, and that has been a stumbling block. It has been an ongoing process, and now, with the exception of maybe one or two buildings, the asbestos abatement has been completed and demolition will start," said Sasser.

Once crews tear down the structures, the owner has plans to create a business and residential building.

Also, Mayor Sasser says a new steel factory is slated to replace another building that's coming down just outside of the city.

That's expected to create up to 70 jobs.

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