Pahokee Marina once again left without an operator

It was once called the cornerstone of economic revival in Pahokee.

Twelve million dollars were spent building and upgrading the state of the art marina and campground, but now it sits empty again with no operator.

"Things didn't work out with the person we thought was going to take over. We're now looking for someone again," Pahokee Mayor Colin Walkes said.

The city is running the campground and marina portion, but the restaurant remains closed.

"The last few months I've come here there is nothing. It is like a ghost town," resident Frances Carol said.

Carol has been fishing in the area for forty years.

"It is so sad because you used to come over here and meet people from all over the country fishing. It was a thrill," Carol said.

The 12 million dollar marina was paid for in 2009 by federal and state grants.

Some of the operators over the years have complained they could not make enough money to survive.

"They have a beautiful pool, campsites, you would think this place would be packed," resident Zeke Szika said.

But others worry poverty and high crime areas of Pahokee are keeping tourists away.

"I believe the town does scare people away because it is not well kept and there are no convenience stores and no hotels," Linda Szika said.

The mayor says city leaders will hold a special meeting on Tuesday to decide how they will proceed.

He says he hopes someone dedicated will decide to take over.