Pahokee High School throws 'seniors prom' for patients at Alzheimer's Community Care

The dance floor was the place to be at the Alzheimer's Community Care for senior living in Pahokee as they held their inaugural senior prom.

"I'm having a good time that's all I can tell you," said Eunice Spearmon.

Some guests strolled in while others rolled in.

It didn't matter how they arrived, most couldn't wait to dance, just as if it were their high school prom. 

"Beautiful, beautiful, everyone in here looks nice," said Spearmon.

Dressed for a party--- many of these seniors never attended their own high school prom.

And that's why students from Pahokee High School co-hosted the event.

"I see people happy, and laughing, they look really happy"," said Kelly Ramirez.

The seniors have been  looking forward to the dance all week long.

"Everyone was involved, they were excited, they knew it was a dance, they knew it was a prom, and they were so excited to get dressed up," said Barbera Beshere.

And what's a prom without a dance from the prom king and queen.

The students at Pahokee High School volunteer at the Alzheimer's Community Care Center throughout the school year.

And coming off of their own prom, the students figured why not take part one more time.

Because for some students, this prom was actually better then their own.

"I never had a prom date before, so today I had a prom date of my own, so I really enjoyed it," said Marlene Aboytes.