Pahokee election results, two runoff elections

Candidates in Pahokee's local elections didn't know the outcome of their races until this morning.

Current mayor J.P. Sasser said he was notified of a "straw poll" last night, but never knew the exact results of the outcome of the race Wednesday morning.

Voters headed to the polls Tuesday to vote for candidates in two commission seats as well as the mayoral seat.

Wednesday morning the results were posted on the Supervisor of Elections office website.

They showed Colin Walkes earning the most votes in a crowded field. Incumbent J.P. Sasser came in second.

Sasser doesn't know the exact reason why the results came in late but did say he was told the election workers were late getting the results back to the West Palm Beach's Supervisor of Elections office.

Supervisor of Elections Susan Bucher hasn't yet commented on why the results took so long.

Diane Walker won big in a commission race over Lewis Pope, III.

Allie Biggs was the top vote getter in the other commission race but will still have to enter into a runoff with Susan Feltner.

Walkes and Sasser will also participate in a runoff on March 26th in the race for mayor.



Henry Crawford, Jr. 137 votes 17.39%

Leonard Rolle 66 votes 8.38%

J.P. Sasser 223 votes 28.30%

Colin O. Walkes  232 votes 29.44%

Wayne Whitaker 130 votes 16.50%



Allie Biggs 341 votes 45.65%

Sandra Davis 136 votes 18.21%

Susan Feltner 139 votes 18.61%

Matthew C. Lovette, II 131 votes 17.54%



Lewis Pope, III  274 votes 35.68%

Diane Harris Walker 494 votes 64.32%


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