Deborah Jessie: Missing woman's father says days before disappearance she took child out of town

Believes that is a clue in her disappearance

Deborah Jessie's father said Thursday that days before her disappearance she took her son to stay with his grandmother in St. Petersburg, Florida.

"For some reason she had this feeling to take her kids somewhere else. She knew something was going to go wrong," Deborah's father Larry Young said.

Young says many of the friends and family who searched for Deborah all week returned to work and school Thursday.

"It's hard, but people have lives. We are not giving up, though. You cannot quit," Young said.

Jessie was the manager at the Family Dollar in Pahokee.

Workers there say she was a hard worker.

"She is a young girl, but she is tough. She was managing the store and only 23 years old. I'm a mother and she just had a baby. Imagine what her kids are going through," Family Dollar employee Lucy Gonzalez said.

Jessie recently filed a restraining order against her ex boyfriend Jammy Washington. In the court documents, she said Washington abused her.

"So many young women go through the same thing. They sit there and they have a smile on their face around their parents and friends, but behind closed doors it is a different story," Young said.

Detectives were back at Deborah's home in Pahokee on Thursday evening.

The Sheriff's Office investigators are waiting for tips to help them find Deborah Jessie.

If you have any information, call Crimestoppers at 1-800-458-TIPS.

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