Deborah Jessie, missing Pahokee mother, first called police about her ex-boyfriend in January

New information that missing Pahokee mother Deborah Jessie was not only trying to get away from her ex-boyfriend Jammy Washington days and weeks before her disappearance, but that she contacted police nearly five months ago.

Washington is in the Palm Beach County Jail on battery charges. He has not been charged with Deborah's disappearance, but was arrested Friday on battery charges that a judge upgraded to felony charges.

According to the probable cause dated January 26, Jessie met deputies at a Pahokee gas station where she told them Washington is violent, beats her up, and that he told her, "If the police try to arrest me, I'll kill them."

According to the report, Deborah told the deputy she never called police before because she was afraid.

The report says deputies went to the couple's house, but did not arrest Washington.

The deputy did write, "I believe additional acts of violence will occur."

Jessie would later file a restraining order against Washington.

"Women are strong and they don't want to admit that they can't handle a situation," Suzanne Turner with YWCA said.

YWCA is a non profit that fights domestic violence. She says it is not at all uncommon that deputies didn't immediately arrest Washington.

"When the police go out there, there has to be probable cause for an arrest. If both parties are not there and there is no indication or marks on the woman, they have no reasons and don't have to arrest anyone," Turner said.

According to the State Attorney's Office, because the battery charge was just a misdemeanor, deputies legally could not make an arrest because the crime didn't happen in front of them.

Turner says these are the sort of complications she helps battered women with at her organization everyday. She only wishes she could have helped Deborah.

"If we could have been working with her…we wonder…could we have saved the situation," Turner said.

Washington's next court appearance is Wednesday.

He has not been connected to Deborah's disappearance.


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