Deborah Jessie: Family of Pahokee missing woman putting together puzzle pieces of disappearance

PAHOKEE, Fla. - Prayers from a Pahokee family tonight that the puzzle pieces of their daughter's disappearance are finally being put together.

The ex-boyfriend of 23-year old Deborah Jessie has been arrested, but is not yet charged with causing her disappearance.

Jessie's family suspects that Jammy Washington, 29, knows exactly what happened to their daughter and they're pleading with him to come clean.

"He's always been a bad guy," said Jessie's step-mother, Angela Burroughs.

Washington was taken into custody today and charged with a misdemeanor related to a previous domestic incident with the woman.

Jessie's family is hoping he'll confess up while he's in custody.

Her car was found in a shopping plaza on Tuesday in Palm Beach.

But she was last seen a week ago at a friend's home in Pahokee.

Records show that Jessie had recently filed a restraining order against Washington.

"Please just let us know where she is, alive or dead. Just let us know.," said Burroughs.

"The only concern we have as a family is where's my daughter. He can get away with it. As long as you tell me where my daughter is. I don't care. Let me put my daughter to rest," said her father, Larry Young.

Deputies say that they are also looking to see whether Jessie's disappearance is related to the death of the woman who babysat Jessie's children. 57-year-old Crystal Anderson was found dead in her Pahokee home on Monday night.

But so far, no one can find Jessie.

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