Brothers found dead inside vehicle in a canal

Truck veered off road

PAHOKEE, Fla. - Two bodies were found submerged in a vehicle in a canal about a quarter mile west of State Road 98 on Muck City Road in Pahokee.

Police have now identified the victims. They are 44 year old Ralph Jones, Jr. and his younger brother, 42 year old Darryl Jones.

Most people, like Charles Keen, wouldn't even think of stopping on Muck City Road; a road that's not too heavily traveled in Pahokee.

Even though Keen drives down the street five times a week, he says, "I don't even look that way. I can guarantee I wouldn't have noticed."

But on Monday morning, a passerby noticed the top of a 1987 red Ford Ranger sticking out from the canal. The passerby called police.

Investigator Steven Lipinski of the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office says, "Once the tow truck company came and removed the vehicle, two bodies were found inside."

The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office says 44 year old Ralph Jones, Jr., of Pahokee was driving northbound on Muck City Road either Sunday night or early Monday morning.

For some unknown reason, investigators say Jones went onto the north shoulder and then overcorrected. That sent the truck with Jones and his passenger and brother, Darryl, plunging into the canal.

Armando Vazquez, a driver says, "It doesn't seem too dangerous for me. But we had a couple of accidents in the past year."

Police say the car was fully submerged.

Keen says, "It's crazy. Unbelievable."

Lipinski says there were, " signs of foul play. It appears it had driven itself into the canal on its own."

Investigators pulled the bodies out of the murky water. And now the road that drivers like Armando Vazquez travel down every day without giving a passing thought to, will make them think twice.

Vazquez says, "Just to be careful around here. You never know what could happen."

Autopsies are now being conducted on the bodies. Toxicology tests have also been ordered.



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