Winning lottery ticket worth 55k sold in Belle Glade

BELLE GLADE, Fla. - Marisol Nieto is in charge of selling the lotto tickets at Bowling Supermarket in Belle Glade.

"I always tell them good luck, remember me when you win," said Nieto.

The winnings are usually 10, 50, or 100 dollars.

"I just stood quiet because I was in shock," said Nieto.

In shock that one of her customers won 55,000 thousand dollars.

4 Fantasy 5 tickets were sold in the state yesterday, including one at  a Belle Glade Supermarket.

"I won, just calm like that, I won, she didn't even scream or nothing, she was so calm," said Nieto

The Supermarket is combined with Mexican Restaurant Taqueria Gurrero.  At lunchtime, word was getting out that one of their own may scored big this morning.

"I am extremely happy for her, God bless her," said Christina Mazuere.

Nieto says the winner is a regular at the store. She says she has a family and plays the lottery all the time.

"She said something about how she was about to lose her house, so she was going to use this to pay her debt," said Nieto.


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