Small drummer is big man on campus, ten-year-old marches with high school band

BELLE GLADE, Fla. -  At an afternoon band practice at Glades Central High School, one face stands out in the crowd. Velt Green is head and shoulders, below the rest.

"Velt is a wonderful, wonderful kid," said Charles Moorer, the Glades Central Band Director.

At 4'8", Green may not be the biggest kid in school, but this ten-year-old drum prodigy, and Rosenwald Elementary School student, is definitely the big man on campus.

"He's bringing a lot of energy to the program. He has the biggest heart in the band," said Moorer.

Velt's sister Zana, a senior and captain of the drill team, asked her director to allow Velt to practice with the band.

"Can he be a part of the band since he had just did a drum solo at our church, and I thought that he should just join," said Zana.

Impressed with Velt's ability and dedication, Moorer gave Velt a shot. "This little guy has some talent here, maybe we could use him. Let's see, exactly his capabilities," said Moorer.

Then, Moorer took it a step further, marching Velt onto the field, and into the band.

"I always dreamed of being in the band, since my sister been playing in the band," said Velt.

While he may have made the cut because of his talent, Velt's getting an advanced education on what it takes to stay in the band.

"We try to reach out to him's important to have the extracurricular in the band, but in order to stay in the band, you have to have your academics, and we stress that to all of our students here," said Moorer.

At ten-years-old, Velt has years of practice ahead, before he returns to Glades Central as a student. Practice that will place him years ahead of his peers.

"He's going to be at a level like none other. He's going to be a great, awesome kid, and I plan to stick around until he graduates," said Moorer.

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