Animal Care and Control investigators searching for owners of abused dog left in drop box

PAHOKEE, Fla. --Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control investigators are searching for the owner of a dog placed into a night drop box at the center's Pahokee spay and neuter clinic on Feb. 19.

The dog, found wearing a collar with the name Teddy, was not strong enough to survive surgery, and died, according to Animal Care and Control officials.

Investigators said Teddy had not been groomed for an indefinite period of time. His small body was completely covered with feces to the extent that severing of his leg had begun due to infection.

There were maggots covering his leg and body and fecal matting around his hind end had prevented him from eliminating waste.

"This is a dog that suffered greatly," officials said in a release.

A form was left with Teddy with the name "Mike Jones" with the address of 516 SW Avenue in Belle Glade.

Investigators responded to the address, which is a multi-family apartment dwelling. No apartment number was listed on the card and residents in and around the area denied any knowledge of the dog or of a Mike Jones, officials said.

Animal Care and Control are asking anyone with information on this crime, Teddy or of Teddy's owner to call its special investigation unit at 233-1211 or Crime Stoppers at 561-688-3960.

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