Residents don't want to move out of condemned apartment building in Belle Glade

BELLE GLADE, Fla. - Residents living in a condemned apartment building in Belle Glade are being forced to move out. The city says the entire second floor of the Grand Lakes Apartment building could collapse.

Carmen Crawford is one of a handful of tenants living in a condemned apartment.

"You see the floor cracked, I have a bucket up under my sink, been there three months," said Crawford.

The city's building department said in its notice, everything that could be unsafe in the building is. There isn't even a flight of stairs outside her door.

She was handed this notice last week saying she had to leave building 800, the property owner is providing her another unit in building 700. But Carmen and her neighbors don't want to go.

"I can't do it, I'm not going to leave one hell house, one messed up place and go to another messed up place, so I stopped packing and just left it like this," said Crawford.

Carmen took video inside building 700 where she is supposed to move. It shows a hole in the closet floor, moldy walls, and a dirty bathroom with spiders and roaches.

"You want me to move into another apartment you're trying to ramshackle and put together, no that's ridiculous and not happening," said Crawford.

As for the property manager, he refused to answer our questions and instead tried to remove us from the property.

According to the city, Carmen and the other tenants need to be out by Wednesday. Then the property owner would need to repair or demolish the building within six months.

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