PBSO grant could bring homeland security system to Glades

BELLE GLADE, Fla. - Investigators in Belle Glade are still trying to get leads to solve multiple murders over the past couple of days, and say it hasn't been easy without too many witnesses coming forward.

New technology may be coming from the Department of Homeland Security to change that.  

Back in February city leaders looked into investing in the shot spotter program.

It's a high tech system used by police departments to pinpoint where the shots are fired from, after they're fired.

Mayor Steve Wilson said in February, and still says, they don't have the funds to purchase the program.

Community action groups like 'Take Back Belle Glade' posted on their Facebook group page they'd like to see something like that come to the city after the recent shooting in the city.

Investigators say it would help them solve crimes when witnesses don't come forward.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff's office says a Department of Homeland Security grant is expected to bring something similar to the Glades area.  

"We would love to be the first city in the area to try this program," Mayor Wilson said.

PBSO doesn't want to reveal too much about this tool they may get because they don't want to tip their hand to those committing crimes.

A spokesperson with the department said they're looking at installing more of the system the grant funds to other communities in Palm Beach County.

People in the Glades just hope this would help solve crimes like the most recent ones.

Another idea Belle Glade leaders had back in January was instilling a curfew, but sheriff's officials say that wouldn't help solve the problems they've been having.

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