Parents of Belle Glade murder victim react to recent shootings

BELLE GLADE, Fla. - When the phone rang around 3 a.m. Sunday morning, Shaqoya Butler's parents knew something was wrong.

"I said I'm not answering that phone," Ethel Barnes-Butler said. "We know when a phone call comes through like that something is going on. Either someone is going to jail, or somebody been fighting or someone had died."

The 'someone' who died was her daughter Shaqoya Butler.

Investigators say Butler was gunned down while driving north on 9th street as she was turning on SW C Street, in Belle Glade.

First responders found her slumped over on the steering wheel and dead.

"That wasn't no stray bullet we ain't crazy," Ethel said.

Ethel said it wasn't a stray bullet, but does believe Shaqoya wasn't the intended target.

"We still don't believe the bullets were meant for her," Ethel said on behalf of the family. "I believe that whatever was going on they thought that the other person had got in the car and that's why they shot."

Shaqoya had been in and out of jail over the years for different crimes.

The murder still took away Ethel and Henry's child, who is also a mother of three kids.

"You want the child to bury you," her father Henry said. "You don't want to bury your child."

Now that's what the family is forced to do.

"The violence needs to stop," Ethel cried out. "The violence, the gangs, they need to stop."

A message this Belle Glade teacher says she will bring to her students by using her own tragedy as a lesson.

In the meantime, they hope the $15,000 reward the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office is offering for information, leads to an arrest in the case.

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