Owl cam live streaming video: Palm Beach State College students can watch owls 24/7 using webcams

BELLE GLADE, Fla. - The barn owls at Palm Beach State College are causing a hoot. Science students at Palm Beach State College can watch the birds 24/7 using live webcams.

The Belle Glade PBSC campus has a live webcast that allows you  a sneak peak into the intricate lives and behaviors of one of the most mysterious creatures in the world — the barn owl.

The live webcams are installed inside two owl nesting boxes situated on the west side of the Belle Glade campus.

Students and anyone interested can observe anytime and from any computer or mobile device.

"It's like being in someone's house. Instead of seeing a snapshot, you see events 24-7,'' said Dr. Vetaley Stashenko, an anatomy and microbiology professor at Palm Beach State who created and supervises the Barn Owl Project. 

Stashenko completed construction of the 24 by 36 by 18-inch owl boxes with plywood and mounted them on 10-foot poles last year and then began working with PBSC's information technology and facilities staff to install webcams. 

 "We're trying to incorporate this live study of owl performance into all of our biology classes. We intend to assign a certain amount of owl-time observation and then a writing task that will address their observations and conclusions of owl behaviors," said Stashenko.

 "Owls are nocturnal; they're not active during the day. At around 6:30 or 7, they start to become active,'' Stashenko said.

 "It's a great project that links the preservation of our ecology with the education of our students in a real life scenario. The best way to learn science is to be immersed in what is actually going on in our environment," said Dr. Holly Bennett, Belle Glade campus provost in a media release.

Watch the Barn Owl Project live here . bitly link for mobile users: http://bit.ly/1fT9hmT


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