McMillan murder suspect's mother feared for life during interview with investigators

McMillan murder suspect's mother feared for life

BELLE GLADE, Fla. - In an interview back in January, Errica Hearns can't believe that it's her son Corey Graham that is in the surveillance video, robbing and shooting Alabama Georgia Grocery store clerk, Jimmy McMillan.

"When you look at the hips and the shoes and look at everything, I'm not saying that my son wasn't there or something but that's not him on the tape," Hearns said to investigators. "I don't know who he's covering for, but he's always trying to be ride or die for his friends and this is just not the time."

Hearns believes her son is like so many others in the tight knit Belle Glade community, who remain tight lipped, in fear of the consequences.

"That's what Corey is scared of, snitching," Hearns said.

"I'm not the only person saying this," she said later in the interview. "It's all over the street.  They say Corey is taking (the blame) for his friends."

During her nearly two hour taped interview with investigators back in January, just two days after her son's arrest, you can hear Corey's mom  share the same fear.

"I'm scared because somebody is going to kill us," she told investigators.

The fear of death came from threats, which she said she was too scared to tell investigators about in this interview at first.

It was about halfway through the interview her ex-husband, Corey Graham, Sr. came in the interview room to talk to her.

"I'm not going to let nothing happen to you," Graham, Sr. said to Hearns.

Hearns after pausing said, "you say that."

Graham, Sr. answered, "I promise you that."

"You say that and then somebody ride up and kill every last one of us," Hearns told Graham, Sr.

When investigators reentered, Hearns said she received threats from Jonathan Jones also known as Pete.

Investigators believe it was Jones' gun she found in her son Corey's room.

The gun investigators believe was used to murder Jimmy McMillan.

"(Jonathan Jones) said he's going to (explicit) me up and he want Corey to give that gun back," Hearns said. "And I gave (the gun) to Corey."

She gave it up, scared of what may happen next.

Investigator in the room asked Hearns, "What do you think Pete will do to you?"

Hearns answered, "Shoot me."

The investigator followed up by asking, "Shoot and kill you?"

Hearns answered, "Yes, he's been known to shoot and kill before. He has a history."

Jonathan Jones was arrested in connection with a drive by shooting in 2010, but his charges were dropped.

One interesting fact about the interview is that investigators said Corey Graham, Jr. told them he didn't know Jones.

The jury trial for Jones is set for next week.

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