Kelvin Benjamin: Former Glades Central Community High School student is drafted into the NFL

It's spring football training at Glades Central High School. Wide receiver Jonathan Istache has quite the role model-- former Glades Central and FSU wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin.

"When the ball is in the air, he knows it's his and he gets it," said Jonathan.

Jonathan watched television to witness Kelvin as the first round draft pick for the Carolina Panthers Thursday night.

"I was really, really proud to see somebody from Glades Central getting picked in the first round," he said.

Jonathan loved playing football when he was younger. He used to come to the field three days a week to watch Kelvin play.

"After I would get out of school I would go home get my bike and ride out here, " he said.

Kelvin Benjamin is among hand full of other former Glade Central players who are now NFL stars.

"The talent base is here and he's a talented young man and when kids take advantage of it in the classroom academically and get themselves into college it opens up the doors for them, that's the success that I have seen with the kids," said the school football coach.

Success that Jonathan hopes to one day have in the NFL too.
The school says more than 30 students from their school through the years have been drafted into the NFL.