City of Belle Glade gets makeover; street repaving, and marina projects underway

For the past 20 years, it's been a bumpy road home for Tom and Gloria Swager.

"Lumpy, lumpy, lumpy, not really potholes, but it was bad," said Tom and Gloria.

The couple went away for a week, last month. And returned home to a surprise.

"We came back and they paved our street, it was wonderful, we couldn't believe it, we wanted it for so long, were just tickled to death," said Tom and Gloria.

The city of Belle Glade has one million dollars of grant money for renovation projects.

Those include repaving more than 20 streets, adding a sidewalk along Canal Street, and replacing decades-old piping.

Construction at the marina is also underway.

The pavilion was destroyed by hurricane Wilma several years ago. But now the FEMA and insurance funds have finally come in to add picnic tables, tiki huts, and floating docks.

"Long overdue and very very pleased," said Lomax Harrelle.

Lomax Harrelle is the city manager. He says construction crews have been working around the clock to improve the aesthetics of the city.

"We have new Family Dollar, Dollar Store, new things coming like Dunkin Donuts coming, so things are finally with the economy improving, things are improving in Belle Glade," said Harrelle.

And for the Swager's... They say they wouldn't choose to live anywhere else, but Belle Glade.

​"We're so thrilled to live in a place like this, very, very nice," said Swager.