Christ Fellowship Summer Camp beautifies Belle Glade

There's no one more excited about summer camp than Justice Cooper.

"I do it because it's humbling for me and it's a lot of fun, and I know I'm doing great things," said Cooper.

Things like some heavy lifting. She's one of 600 students who met at Christ Fellowship. 

They're heading west to clean up the city of Belle Glade.

"It's a life changing experience, I think both for us and the community," said Scotty Labadie.

Raking, sweeping, planting -- it can be intimidating for first timers like Hailey McCord.

"I'm expecting a lot of hard work, and expecting for God to really speak to us, and really help us to help the kids and families out here," said McCord.

But for the veteran volunteers, this is what they live for.

"Its a lot of sweat, every pair of clothes you bring out will be drenched, but its good for the soul," said Labadie.

The work is going beyond physical labor. Some volunteers are hosting bible school for area kids.  

"We love Jesus, he calls us to serve people, he came to serve and give and as his followers we should do the same thing," said Kevin Wilson.

And for 16-year-old Cooper, it's an opportunity to change lives .

"They're hesitant at first, but once they realize we're here to help and to love them they are totally for it and love it, love the attention and hanging out with us," said Cooper.

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