Christ Fellowship Life Center summer camp kids receive new shoes, inspired by Aaliyah Moore

Ten-year-old Willie Stevenson loves his new shoes.

"I can jump higher, run faster, move my legs more and shoot better, and they feel better around my feet," said Stevenson.

Stevenson is one of 20 campers receiving new shoes this summer at the Christ Fellowship Life Center in Belle Glade.

"The ones I had before, they were small and tight, they were good but stiff, but these are more flexible so I can play with them," said Stevenson.

The kicks came in from the community, and were given to the campers as a reward for good behavior.

The Life Center received the shoes from an ongoing shoe drive, started nearly a year ago by 14-year-old Aaliyah Moore.

"I did it because it just feels great to give to others," said Moore.

"Aaliayh inspired us to be able to take a look at how we can change and how we give things and how they take ownership of it, and so the kids sit down and see all the shoes they can pick from and they get to pick their favorites," said Bob Bender.

While the shoes come in different brands and sizes, the campers are unanimous in their appreciation of them.

"Everyday I try my best to be a leader and be outstanding, it just makes me feel inspired like I can do anything," said Stevenson.

You can help local students with new or gently used shoes for school. Go to our Operation Sneaks page for drop-off locations.