Belle Glade parents fear of stray bullets scare kids

BELLE GLADE, Fla. - The recent shootings in Belle Glade have left numerous injured and two dead.

It's the shots that missed though that scare people in the community especially kids.

In the video of Monday's shooting, dozens of shots are fired, but not all of them hit their intended target.  

"There's so many shots, but only a few people get hit so you think , 'Oh my that could be one of my relatives or myself or my children," Rita Gonzalez said.

Gonzalez lives with her two kids in Belle Glade and she said it's not the best neighborhood, but it's what they can afford.

She said she's become used to hearing gunshots, but each time as a mother it scares her and scares her kids.

"You can hear the distance and when it's very close by. I tell them stay down and don't get up," Gonzalez said.

Charlisa Anderson says one time the shots were being fired near where her three children and she lived.

"We hear the shots and they're like 'Mommy what happened? What happened,'" she said.

The advice she gives them is to stay low.

"I tell them to stay away from the windows," Anderson said. "I tell them get down and get together because I'm a mother and if anything I'm going to try to cover them."

Attempting to save her children when violence is happening right in her neighborhood and possibly entering her home even if it's not intended to do that.

"Never thought I'd have to do this," she said about parenting. "Trying to cover them, getting them as low on the ground as we could and just beginning to pray in all honesty."

Luckily, Charlisa's prayers have been answered and her kids haven't been hit by a stray bullet.

Gonzalez and Anderson said after the incident the kids have lots of questions that aren't easy to answer.  

"When they start asking I just try to give them basic answers to keep them from being scared," Gonzalez said.

Just trying to preserve the innocence kids should have.

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