Belle Glade Express in danger, short on funds

Carolyn Slater relies on the Belle Glade express 3 times a week to buy her groceries.

"This bus comes to Winn Dixie, picks you up, and drop you off where you live," said Slater.

But in a couple of months she may have to find a new route.

"If they take this out, we don't know what we're going to do," said Slater.

The Belle Glade Express is the city wide bus system for Belle Glade residents. Only costing .75 cents to get around the city.

"Everywhere you need to go, this is the only transportation that we have," said Slater.

But the service may come to end. FDOT says the buses have been operating under a state grant. But the money is set to run out soon. And the city needs to come up with $600,000 to keep the system running.

Palm Tran does run in Belle Glade.

But it only runs on major roadways, and is more expensive.

Maria Castillo is one of bus drivers for the belle glade express. She says, many of the seniors rely on her to pick them up.

"They receive their checks, pay their bills, they come in on wheelchairs and these buses really come in handy for them," said Castillo.

The system began 3 years ago. And according to FDOT, it's seen a 87 percent growth over it's inaugural year in ridership. The system even began charging, to stretch the grant money further.

And that's something Slater is not opposed to.

"I'll be ok with anything as long as they don't take it out of business," said Castillo.

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