Westwood High, St. Lucie County schools on alert this morning, threatening note passed around

FORT PIERCE, FLA. -- Schools in St. Lucie County are on alert this morning.

Rumors have spread throughout the past few days there about a note implying that 'something bad' is going to happen today.

The school district wants parents, students and teachers to know safety threats are taken seriously.

With that said, school in St. Lucie is scheduled to operate normally today.

The rumor from students is that there was a note being passed around Westwood High, saying people should avoid class Friday because something bad is going to happen.

The district says school police and city or county authorities look into threats like this.

Parents have received a message, noting that students cannot bring backpacks to class today, but we're told that's a common request on days before vacation.

District officials say they are operating with a "heightened awareness" today.

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