Truck tailgate thefts on the rise at Indian River Estates in St. Lucie County

The St. Lucie County Sheriff's Office is warning residents to be aware that several truck tailgate thefts have been reported lately.

Three of the recent complaints have been reported from the Indian River Estates community involving newer model Ford pickup trucks.

However SLSO reminds citizens that "thieves don't discriminate. Dodge, Chevrolet, Toyota and others are frequently targeted."

Tailgate theft is a growing concern across the nation.

It only takes seconds for a thief to steal an unsecured truck tailgate.

The theft can occur in parking lots or your own driveway.

Stolen tailgates are sold on the black market.

Some tips that the SLSO offers to prevent a tailgate theft include:

Always park in a well-lighted and highly visible area.

Try and place the back of your vehicle as close as possible to a fixed object so it's difficult to remove.

When at home, park your vehicle in your garage, or back it up as close as possible to the garage door.

SLSO reminds us that there are companies who sell locks specifically made to prevent this type of theft.

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