Bomb shelter in St. Lucie County for sale

The price tag is $499 thousand

If you're in the market for a one of a kind property, there's one on the market in St. Lucie County that might get your attention.


Next to the Florida Turnpike, a sign north of Fort Pierce advertises a bomb shelter for sale.


Realtor Hoyt Murphy said it was built by AT&T in the 1960s in the event of "the big event" to house five men for 30 days to keep the lines of communication open.


There are industrial springs everywhere, even in the lone bathroom, to minimize the effects of a blast.


"In my 30 years, this is the most unique property we've ever had for sale," said Murphy.


If you bought this place with a bunker mentality, there's still some food on the shelves.  Sugar, baking powder, milk solids, bacon dices. Consume at your own risk.


To get into the belly of the beast of this bomb shelter, you have to crawl through a thick concrete passageway and you discover two massive air intake tunnels.  In the event of radiation, the tunnels would be closed off, and carbon filters would activate.


The price tag is 499-thousand dollars.  And yes, there's been interest.


"Week or so ago, we had some preppers from South Florida Survivalist Group but probably the more practical use we've had is things such as antique car storage," said Murphy.


In the event it is sold, the new buyer will have to work with county commissioners to make sure the property is zoned for what the new owner is trying to do.



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