Some Treasure Coast fishermen say the water quality in the Indian River Lagoon is improving

JENSEN BEACH, FLa. - Treasure Coast shop owners are hoping the holiday weekend will be the turning point for business all along the Indian River Lagoon.

"We are seeing a big improvement ever since they stopped dumping," Captain Bruce Hrobak said.

Hrobak owns Billy Bones Bait and Tackle.

He says one of his store's business is down almost seventy percent.

"It's been hard but we are seeing things get better. The water is much clearer," Hrobak said.

Hrobak says he talked to his insurance company about filing a claim for interruption of business insurance.

"The agent told me unless the toxic water is touching your store, you have no claim," Hrobak said.

He says he has had to sink a lot of his own money into the stores to keep them afloat.

Steve Graziano who owns Real Life Bait and Tackle says he is dealing with the same issue even though his shop is in Hobe Sound.

"I would say I am down 40 percent. We have to change things to protect our children," Graziano said.
Both business owners are hoping the discharges will continue to slow and the lagoon will continue coming back to life.

"Right now we're on the positive. It is not getting worse," Graziano said.

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