Saint Lucie County Deputy George King: Jefferson Award winner inspired by son

ST. LUCIE COUNTY, Fla. - Visit the Saint Lucie County Courthouse and chances are you'll see Deputy George King in the hallways or in a courtroom. But he has another full time job as regional director for the Special Olympics Torch Run.

He was inspired by his son. "My son has Down's syndrome and 19 years ago when he was born I said 'why me Lord, I don't know anything about this.' But as George grew up, he can't play in high school sports or in little league so Special Olympics was a natural."

When his son began participating in Special Olympics, so did Deputy King. Now he volunteers, raising awareness and money for the Special Olympics in eight counties.

King said, "All the money that is raised goes to Special Olympics and goes to pay for state games. The state games get very expensive because they go to Disney World and we all know that Disney World costs a lot of money."

He's helped raise 125-thousand dollars in six years. "And that money goes for training, it goes for uniforms, it goes for transportation, meals, lodging anything that the athletes need."

For deputy King, Special Olympics makes a positive impact on people with disabilities. "It gives people with intellectual disabilities a place to go where they are going to be comfortable, where they are going to be challenged, where they are going to be treated for their abilities instead of their disabilities."

A man who has found life more fulfilling because of his son.

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