West Palm Christmas curfew for teens pleases parents

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - On patrol in downtown West Palm Beach, police officers made sure teens followed the city's Christmas curfew.

Waiters like Scott Quyle were relieved.  "We come out with food and they're running through and not watching what they're doing and they're texting and running into you," said Quyle , who works at Italy.

Quyle says teenaged skateboarders and texters have knocked food out of his hands and even knocked people, over.

"They're kids being kids. But they have to watch out for people because people get hurt all the time around here."

It's why the City of West Palm Beach expanded their downtown curfew Wednesday to start at 9:00 p.m. instead of 10:00 p.m.

Tweens or teens have to be with their parents.

Parents say it's a load off their minds, and they don't mind big brother watching.

"There is a lot of kids out there with no supervision, causing trouble, and sometimes getting their hands in things they shouldn't be," said Liliana Vanegas, of West Palm Beach.

Any teens caught out alone Wednesday had their parents called to come and get them.

"The kid is supposed to be hanging out with parents and not hanging out with friends," said Melissa Wellington, who was visiting from New Jersey.

West Palm police say it wasn't a specific incident that led them to crack down during holidays, just a need to improve the general feeling so business can thrive.

As Quyle got to work, he appreciated the curfew, and even cracked a joke.

"I wish they had a curfew for the parents tonight so I could stay home, but yeah, it makes things a lot easier!!" said Quyle.

West Palm Police didn't immediately have numbers for how many teens were caught out past curfew, but say they're expected Thursday.

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