Valerie Ann Lowe, Laurence Edward Daly shooting case update: 911 call released

The day after former U.S. Army captain Valerie Ann Lowe was accused of shooting and killing her husband, the 911 call was released.

The caller is heard telling a 911 operator she needed police and an ambulance.

Asked what was going on the caller said, "My husband was coming after me and he refused to leave me alone and he was being very aggressive and assault me and he drew his fist back while I was laying in the bed like he was going to punch me in my face again."

At that point the operator asked, "Is he still there?"  The response was, "We were arguing, and I shot him."

'You shot him?" the caller was asked.

"I shot him."

The caller said she shot him in the chest area.

When police arrived they found Laurence Edward Daly lying on the master bedroom floor with an apparent gunshot wound to the chest.

St. Lucie County Fire Rescue responded to the scene and transported Daly to Lawnwood Trauma Center where he was pronounced dead.

The couple had been married less than a year and police had been to the house on two previous occasions on domestic calls.

At the present time, Lowe has not been charged and is not in custody.









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