Treasure Coast family claims their 5-year-old is being bullied at school

Family claims their 5-year-old is being bullied

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. - Parents of a five-year-old girl in Port St. Lucie want to move their daughter to another school after they said she continues to be bullied by another schoolmate.

Dylan and Taylor Munson pulled 5-year-old Jordeyn out of Savanna Ridge Elementary School Tuesday because they said administrators aren't doing enough to stop a bullying incident.

They said the most recent incident allegedly happened yesterday, when the other child verbally threatened to allegedly kill her.

Now the couple said the district is giving them a hard time about transferring their daughter.

Normally, 5-year-old Jordeyn Munson, would be coloring at school, but instead she's home today. She said she fears another student at school.

"I really don't want to be there," said the kindergartner.

The Munson's said she's been bullied by the same kid since last year.

They said they thought it would stop after the school put them in separate classrooms, but that didn't work.

"When it comes to this kid, she actually cries and cries onto my leg for me not to make her go to class," said mom, Taylor Munson.

They want to transfer her now.

"We don't want her to miss any days, but they're saying that they're going to have to put her on a waiting list and for us to continue keeping her at Savanna Ridge, the place where she's getting bullied and we're not gonna keep her there, " her parents said.

They also said Jordeyn has been pushed, had an object thrown at her, and had been stabbed with a pencil.

A school district spokesperson said the district is investigating.

The Munsons have even talked with the other parent of the child, who tells them he's equally frustrated because he's getting limited info from the school as well.

"The father of the child has been trying to help but when he's not there, the situation is not taken care of by the teachers and the staff, the principal, the vice principal," said Dylan Munson.

DCF is also involved, talking to all parties in the matter, including the district.