Treasure Coast families say their backyards have unfinished pools

Company did not fulfill contract

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. - Roger Prickett told his children that by this past July, they'd be swimming laps in their brand new pool.

"That's one of the things I made a promise to them when I bought a house, we would get a pool," said Prickett.

He said hired Harbor Bay Pools in January. According to the Better Business Bureau, the company is owned by Kevin Martz, and based in Port St. Lucie.

Eight months and $20,000 later, instead of a completed pool, Prickett said it's only a quarter of the way finished.

Heather Gershkovich said she and her husband have paid more than $27,000 to Harbor Bay for a completed pool, but she estimates their pool is only half finished.

"It's devastating. My children were so excited to have a pool this summer," said Gershkovish. "We've saved all of our money, and now we have to take out loans to finish this project. Our savings is gone, and right now we have nothing to show for it. "

According to the Better Business Bureau, Harbor Bay Pools has had 12 complaints, and is rated an "F."

NewsChannel 5's Angela Cruz attempted to reach Kevin Martz all week. He responded on Wednesday, agreeing to an interview. Despite numerous follow-up attempts to reach him on Thursday, Martz has not responded since.

Martz sent an email to his customers in June, saying,  "A few deafening blows have put us on our knees. "  In the message, he asks for more time to finishing their uncompleted projects.

"You save up all your money, you try to do something wonderful for your kids, and you can never prepare for something like this, ever," said Gershkovich.

Prickett said he never received the email, and Gershkovich said she hasn't heard from Martz since he sent the message.

Prickett said he has hired a lawyer and is seeking legal action, and he's had to take out another loan for a different company to complete his pool.

 "We're gonna be pool-poor for a little while, but in the long run it's worth it for my family," he said.

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