Tesla charging station in PSL

Part of new network along I-95

The city of Port St. Lucie is "charged up" over its role in helping some electric car owners go farther.


Wednesday, Tesla Motors unveiled its new supercharging station at the Town Center Plaza, which is just east of I-95 at the St. Lucie West Boulevard exit.


It's the first station of its kind in the entire southeastern U.S.


In 30 minutes, a driver can get a full charge which will let them drive 150-200 miles.


David Israel of Fort Pierce has had his Tesla for 18 months. He says he's saved 15-hundred bucks in gas over the past year, and that "range anxiety" is a thing of the past.


"It tells you exactly how much range you have left and it tells you exactly how far you are from your destination.  As long as that range number is above your destination number, you're in all the time," said Israel.


By the end of the year, Tesla hopes to have charging stations spread out along the entire I-95 corridor.


These charging stations are only good for Tesla owners.


Tesla's start at around 60-thousand dollars.



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