Tammy Music-Fisher: Sister of Jacob Music describes history of violence against women


Jacob Music’s sister, Tammy Music-Fisher, says her brother stole the life of one of her closest friends.

Jacob Music has been charged with the murder of his estranged wife, Bridget Feacher Music.

Investigators say Jacob Music cut his wife’s throat, dumped her body in a canal, and set her car on fire.

“I wish I could have convinced her in just some way to just stay away from him,” Fisher said.

Fisher says several months ago, Music told her that he wanted to hurt Bridget. She says it was a threat she didn’t take lightly. Fisher says he had hurt women he dated in the past and women in his own family.

Fisher described Music’s childhood as normal, but said he changed in his teen years, becoming abusive toward women in his family, including herself. “He beat my mother, he beat my grandmother and beat a few of my aunts. Anybody that had any disagreement with him, if they were a female-he’d punch them. He didn’t care,” said Fisher.

You won’t find any pictures of Music in Fisher's home. Fisher won’t even refer to Music as family. “Jacob Music is pitiful,” Fisher said. “The world is seeing exactly what he is.”

Fisher plans on visiting Music in jail next week, not to support him, but to get answers. “I want him to have to look me in the face and tell me why. Why Jacob?”

Bridget Feacher Music leaves behind two sons.

Friends of Bridget’s are pulling together a fundraiser to raise money for the boys.

The fundraiser will be held July 12 at Lenzi’s Diner on Virginia Ave. in Fort Pierce from 11A.M to 5P.M

The event will have music, a raffle and BBQ for $10 a plate.

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