Students raise money in hopes to head to Junior Olympics

FORT PIERCE, Fla. - Monday through Thursday, the PSL Speedsters practice at John B. Park in Fort Pierce. They're trying to overcome a big hurdle, as they raise money for the track meet of their dreams.

23 PSL Speedsters are intensely training right now for the AAU Junior Olympic games. It's happening late next month in Humble, Texas. The 8 to 18-year-olds will compete in about a dozen different events, from shot put and hurdles to the 200 and 4 by 1. It took high standards to even qualify.

"Putting your all into it makes it hard work, so when you get there you know you're ready for the race, so you have confidence," said hurdler and sprinter Jimeka Fair.

For the next month, it's all about determination and heart. The athletes are looking for donations right now to get to Texas.

The track team is actually a non-profit organization, so fundraising is key. You can donate by visiting the PSL Speedsters website. 

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