St. Lucie County residents rescue orphaned fawn injured in flood, car crash

PORT ST. LUCIE — A fawn displaced from its mother during Tropical Storm Isaac's flooding then struck by a car Tuesday morning was rescued, but its fate is uncertain.

The 3-month-old fawn, now named Izzy, has two dislocated hind legs, injuries that are minor for smaller animals like cats and dogs, but more significant for wildlife like deer.

Recovery is expected to take a month, after which time her condition will be assessed to determine whether she can be released into the wild, or have to be taken to a zoo.

"We hooked it up to IV and warmed its core body temperature up," said Dr. Leonard Fox of the Animal Hospital of West Port St. Lucie. "I knew that we were dealing with a couple fractures, and a couple cuts on the back legs, but those were secondary problems. First we needed to get this poor thing out of shock."

Fox, who voluntarily treats all kinds of wildlife rescued by Port St. Lucie Animal Control, never has treated a deer. He sought the advice of more experienced wildlife rehabilitators, who assured him the prognosis for the fawn is good, but largely depends on how she handles the casts placed on her legs to set the fractures.

St. Lucie County residents Carol and Andrew Favata saw the fawn dash frantically into the street at about 9 a.m. Tuesday. Worried a car would strike her, they stopped to look for her, and found her bloodied and lying in a flooded ditch between St. Lucie West and Heatherwood boulevards.

"She is so pretty," Andrew Favata said. "When the animal control officer had the deer in her arms, she was really cradling it like a baby. Her head popped out, and she just looked at you with those big brown eyes, you know, and everybody just started crying."

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