Thousands gather in Port St. Lucie to support Mitt Romney

Pledges not to raise taxes on middle class

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. -- Mitt Romney came to Port Saint Lucie Sunday on a campaign high. He told the thousands of supporters who gathered at Tradition Square, "We had a little debate this week and I enjoyed myself."

Romney repeated the arguments he made face-to-face with President Obama. He asked, "Why, with 23 million Americans out of work, would you spend (your) first two years fighting for Obamacare."

Democrats, still stung by the polls and pundits that gave Romney a decisive debate victory, argue that his promises don't add up. They say he cant' deliver big tax cuts and a balanced budget at the same time. 

Romney offered no concrete specifics at his afternoon rally--candidates across the political spectrum seldom do at such events--but he  left the party faithful with a pledge. He said, "I will not raise taxes on middle class families."

The fights over Medicare also continue.  Romney continues to assert that Democrats are cutting $716 billion out of Medicare. The Obama Administration says the cuts focus on providers, not seniors.

Both campaigns will continue to strenuously debate the economic numbers. But no one disputes the political math. The road to the White House goes through Florida and its 29 electoral votes--the biggest battleground state prize on Election Day.

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