Residents angry after Port St. Lucie city council agrees to settle a lawsuit

Some people in Port St. Lucie say they've lost faith in their elected officials.  On Monday night, the city council agreed to settle a lawsuit allowing the development of a new substance abuse treatment center.

Hundreds of people packed the city council meeting room. Nearly two dozen spoke before the Port St. Lucie council.

They begged the council to fight against a proposed substance abuse treatment center.

The 70-bed facility would be built by Torino Parkway and Zenith Drive. It's next to a neighborhood and two schools.

Neighbors say it's not the right location.

"It doesn't belong here because of the size," says parent Matthew Brady.

The attorney for the treatment center filed a lawsuit alleging discrimination after the September meeting.

The city council agreed to settle the lawsuit to avoid a trial that could have cost millions of dollars.

"It's terrible the way they voted," says resident Michael Diiaani, " They changed their vote."

"It honestly is ridiculous," says Bruce Lamoureux, " It's making the city look like a big pushover. They get bullied by the lawyer here."

Jim Green, the attorney for the treatment center, refused to comment after the meeting. 

The city council's decision means the project can move forward. Now it needs permits.

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