PSL Tradition businesses hope Mitt Romney's visit on Sunday will boost their finances

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. - Joe Neto's barbershop in Port St. Lucie has had a few more empty chairs since Digital Domain laid off hundreds of employees last month.

"It was the bad news, the bad news for the city, for Port St. Lucie," he said. "That's affected business the most."

Neto said his shop has been in Traditions Square for eight years. He said it's been a steady flow, until the recent drop-off of clientele.

"When I heard Digital Domain is coming, I got excited, too," Neto recalled. "I was thinking I might have to put more barber chairs in here."

Roberta Helpburn, owner of Traditions restaurant The Tin Fish, says the closing of Digital Domain meant the lost of some customers.

"They would call, phone, call in orders every day, lunch orders," explained Hepburn. "We just did a lot of business with Digital Domain."

If you visit her restaurant now, you will see Republican signs all over her doors. She was one of the first people to get tickets to see presidential candidate Mitt Romney during his visit to Port St. Lucie on Sunday.

He'll campaign right outside her doors in Town Hall.

"This whole area, that area right across the street, there's going to be so many people!" she exclaimed.

With countless supporters expected to turn out for what the Republican camp calls a "Victory Rally with Mitt Romney," Neto said he may keep his doors open Sunday for the occasion.

And if the candidate himself stops by?

"It would be my pleasure to take care of him," said Neto, with a smile. "I'd definitely give him a nice haircut!"

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