Prosecutors release photos, documents in the case of Tyler Hadley, teen accused of killing parents

Signs of a party seen in many of the photos

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. - Prosecutors released more than 200 pages of documents and over 900 crime scene photos Monday in the case surrounding Tyler Hadley. He's the 17-year-old Port St. Lucie teenager charged with beating his parents to death with a hammer in July.

The case gained national attention because Hadley then threw a party in the home while his parents' bodies were still inside, according to investigators.

In many of the photos, you see the telltale signs of a party. There are open beer bottles and liquor bottles around the home. But the real eye opener is in the back bedroom where Blake and Mary Jo Hadley were discovered.

The room is in complete disarray. Blake Hadley was found underneath a chair, his wife underneath a calendar. Police say the bedroom was locked while the party was taking place, but police say Hadley did confess to at least one person that he had killed someone.

One party guest told NewsChannel 5 in July that he saw a leg sticking out from underneath the pile.

Hadley promoted his party through his Facebook account. At 1:15 pm Saturday July 16th he wrote, "party at my crib tonight... maybe."

By 8:15 that night he wrote "party at my house hmu" followed by his phone number. "HMU" stands for "hit me up."

In the medical examiner's report on Blake Hadley, it revealed he suffered 65 bruises from the attack.

A grand jury indicted Hadley last week on two counts of first degree murder.

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