Hunter Henry, PSL teen hit by a car died; his mother says his organs are all matched to recipients

16-year-old Hunter Henry died Thursday morning

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. - Wendy Henry lost her only son Thursday morning. She's so upset, she can barely find words to describe her grief.

"It's a process," she said. "I wouldn't say OK."

Wendy is in disbelief, after 16-year-old Hunter Henry was removed from life support.

All of his organs tested as matches for recipients.

"Everything, even his bones, his skin," said Wendy. "There was nothing that's going to go to waste."

Wendy has been at her son's hospital bed since Tuesday, when Hunter was hit by a car. His family won't find out who will receive his organs for a year. Wendy finds comfort in knowing he will continue to help others this way.

"They're giving his mandible to help a little girl who has a cleft palate," she explained.

Hunter's memorial where he was hit continues to grow. Two wooden crosses mark the spot, each with personal messages, written by friends.

Mitchell Lafayette, a Port St. Lucie High School senior, stopped by the memorial. He took a moment to remember his former classmate.

"He's a nice guy," said Lafayette. "He was in JROTC."

Students at the 11th grader's high school, on Thursday, wore orange. It was Hunter's favorite color.

"Just to honor him, in memory of him," said Lafayette. "To really think about him today, to know that this day belongs to him."

Wendy is not yet sure when or where Hunter's funeral will be, but she says his friends will play a big part.

"They're planning on having his squadron carry him out as pallbearers," she said.

Wendy said Hunter gave so much in life, it's only fitting his organs will help others in his death.

"I could not be more proud of him, as a mother," she said.

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