Port St. Lucie man, Art Fallo, speaks out one month after vicious dog attack

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. - A pit bull's attack left Art Farro bleeding from multiple wounds, and fearing for his life, all the while he says the dog's owner was just feet away. 

"I'd rather go back to Vietnam," said Farro.  

It's a wish that stems from pain and fear.  However it is an alternative Farro would much prefer to his current situation. 

"He ruined this.  I can barely do anything with these hands, my right or left hand, they hurt so bad," said Farro.  

The Farro family agrees that without the quick actions of his neighbors, the attack could have ended with Art's death.  "By then, the whole neighborhood was there, the officer, he shot him in the head four times.  It was the only way to get him off me," said Farro.  

His wife was miles away, having just arrived at work.  "I called his cell phone, and my neighbor actually answered the phone and said you need to hurry up, he's going to die," said Katherine Farro.  

Farro was taken to Lawnwood Regional Medical center.  "My daughter and I walked into the ER.  He was laying on the stretcher, and the blood was just dripping off the stretcher," said Katherine Farro.  

Farro spent the next two weeks, trying to recover from wounds, that should have killed him, and is now back at home with his family. 

Farro says he may never fully recover from the attack, but he will be prepared.  "357 magnum.  Licensed to carry it.  I won't go outside without it," said Farro.

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