Port St. Lucie man charged with domestic violence by strangulation

PORT ST. LUCIE — A Port St. Lucie man's explanation that his wife's medical condition was caused by a heat stroke didn't explain the bruising to her upper body, according to a Port St. Lucie Police Department arrest report.

On Friday police charged Brian Joseph Underbrown 49, of the 2700 block of south Blackwell Boulevard, with felony domestic battery by strangulation and aggravated battery domestic. He has been released on bail. The amount was unavailable as of Saturday.

Underbrown claimed he found his wife on the floor and he suspects she had a heat stroke. He said she slapped her to get her to respond and then splashed water on her face to get her to wake up, the arrest report states. When that didn't work he called 911.

The wife had bruises on her arms, chest, neck, throat, elbows and hips. Also, she sustained bleeding to the back of her eyes because of pressure placed on her throat, the report states.

The woman was placed on a ventilator and medical officials said the tubing could not be immediately removed because the woman's throat would swell shut.


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