Port St. Lucie man arrested after road rage incident over Mother's Day weekend

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. - A Port St. Lucie family is afraid of retaliation after a frightening case of road rage that put a man behind bars.

Nancy Guedj was going to visit a friend on Saturday. She was driving, her husband was in the passenger seat and her two kids were in the back of the family's truck when they crossed paths with another driver on Darwin Boulevard.

She says Brandon Borozny cut her off. Guedj got around Borozny's car because she needed to make a left turn. That's when Guedj says Borozny drove up beside her truck.

"He starts screaming and cursing and I told my husband don't talk to him, don't look at him," says Guedj.

Guedj says Borozny then rear ended her truck which now has a dent on the side.

"He hits once," says Guedj, "I didn't feel it. My children feel it and then I see that he's hitting me again."

She tried to call 911 but she says Borozny got out of his car, took her phone and broke it in half.  Port St. Lucie Police say Borozny also punched Guedj's husband Marc. 

Nancy Guedj went to Boronzy's car to retrieve her broken cell phone and try to prevent him from leaving. While she was in the backseat of Borozny's car, he took off.  Guedj says Boronzy hit her while she was in the car. He then dropped her off about a quarter of mile from the accident scene.

He was arrested a short time later. 

Guedj says she doesn't understand why things escalated so badly.

"If I am moving away from you, why can't you just let it go," says Guedj, "If I'm stopping to make a turn why do you have to be behind me harassing me?"

Borozny is charged with burglary, battery and obstruction of justice.  He's in jail on $49,500 bond.