Port St. Lucie grandmother, relatives stuck on an ailing cruise ship in Puerto Rico

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. - It's was supposed to be a dream vacation. Instead, a cruise turned into a nightmare for a Port St. Lucie family. 

"I'm talking to them every 15, 20 minutes," says Linsie Taylor. 

Taylor says her grandmother Debbie Cacciatore and other relatives are stuck in Puerto Rico.

"Us here have to worry about what's going on over there," says Taylor.

Her relatives are onboard the Royal Caribbean cruise ship "Adventure of the Seas". It was suppose to leave port Sunday but an oil leak and repairs sidelined the seven day trip.

"They tried to bandage the propeller and now they ordered new ones and they were coming in from Texas," says Taylor who is getting updates from her grandmother.

Taylor says everything is closed on the cruise ship. Her grandmother and other passengers have been told not to leave. The family's view is an airport which wakes them up every morning and trucks picking up waste.

"The sewer people are coming in every morning and taking the sewer out so it smells like sewer on the ship," says Taylor.

Passengers are complaining online using social media. Cacciatore says they've been offered a 50% refund.

"She's just depressed because something they were looking forward to and paid so much money for is not what it's suppose to be," says Taylor.

The cruise hasn't been canceled. Taylor's grandmother says the captain told passengers they're hoping to make repairs and leave around midnight Wednesday.

WPTV contacted Royal Caribbean Cruises to ask them about the stranded ship and its passengers, but they haven't responded to any questions.

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