Port St. Lucie gas station customer tries to pay with fake $100 bills, police say

Police were called to the Rivergate Chevron in Port St. Lucie when a man tried to pay the store clerk with two fake $100 bills on Monday, according to police.

When the man tried to make a purchase with what appeared to be a counterfeit $100 bill, the store clerk asked the store owner to examine money. The owner told the customer that the bill was not real. The man  then tried to pay with another $100 bill.

The second bill also appeared fake and had the same serial number as the first bill.

The customer asked for the counterfeit bills back, but the owner refused. The customer then paid in real, smaller bills and left the store.

The employees were able to get the license plate number from the vehicle.

Police recovered two counterfeit $100 bills and the store surveillance video. The search for the customer continues.
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