Port St. Lucie convenience store sells two $1 million Powerball tickets

Cousins Ryan Floyd and Cody Cage says their Port St. Lucie convenience store, QuikStar, often sells winning lotto tickets.  But they did not expect to sell two $1 million tickets in Wednesday's Powerball drawing. 

"Very surprised," said Floyd. "We kind of felt we won the lottery ourselves."


"I'm glad we can spread some of that luck and share it with this guy," said Cage.
Who is this guy? No one knows his name just yet, but the store has video of him coming in to check those lucky numbers. When we aired the story, the cousins asked us to blur his face, until the winner claims his Powerball prize with lottery officials. 
Kelson Pierre-Gilles, a QuikStar employee, checked the tickets. The computer didn't say how much he won; it just listed instructions to claim the prize.
"I was like, 'He just won big. Maybe $1 million. Maybe a part of the jackpot.' I don't know, but he had to go to Tallahassee, and I was like, 'Wow,'" said Pierre-Gilles.
The man bought two tickets the day of the $550 million Powerball drawing. He played the same numbers twice. He got the first five right but missed the Powerball number by a hair.
"Powerball was a six. His number was a five," said a QuikStar clerk.
Floyd and Cage are hopeful the man's identity won't be a mystery for much longer. They're eager to congratulate him on his luck. 
"You've got to be happy for him. Happy he bought the tickets here," said Floyd.
The store will earn $2,000 from lotto officials, since it sold the winning tickets. The cousins say they will reinvest that money.
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