Port St. Lucie acting chief, John Bolduc is officially the new police chief

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. - Newly-approved Police Chief John Bolduc has been with the Port St. Lucie Police Department for 17 years.

He had been Acting Police Chief since last May. City Council members made it official Monday after a search that began with 48 applicants.

Citizens and fellow officers gave Bolduc a rare standing ovation after the unanimous city council vote.

Bolduc is unphased by talk of "brutal politics" at city hall.

Craig Novick, said the politics were so brutal, that he accepted and rejected the chief's job twice, the second time coming July 30th. Novick, the township manager for Franklin, New Jersey, made quite a stir with those observations.

The new chief said he welcomes the spotlight and scrutiny.

"This is government, and I don't like the word 'drama.' I think scrutiny is part of government, and I think people have a right to scrutinize their government officials, and I welcome that," said Chief Bolduc.

Port St. Lucie resident Steve Carroll said the new chief inherits an intricate political landscape.

"It's a death sentence if you don't understand the complexity of it all," said Carroll. "Because if not, you don't have a clue who's on your side and who's not, half the time. So it's very raw, bare-knuckle politics."

Many residents, like Curt Hoyer, agree Bolduc is the right man for the job, and will handle the big city post and its politics just fine.

"He knows the guys on the street, he knows the administrative people, and I think he's been here long enough that he knows how the politics work," said Hoyer.

Bolduc said he can see how someone from the "outside" would feel there is brutal politics, but he said when you know the inner workings of the city like he does, it's "not as bad as it appears."

Politics or not, Bolduc is now the Police Chief, and he said he is looking forward to serving in the new role with a sense of pride.

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