New police interviews released in Tyler Hadley case

Friend to police: Hadley was "really close" to mom

The community knows him as the teen who allegedly killed his parents and then hosted a party. But in a revealing, just-released interview with police, a friend describes Tyler Hadley's relationship with his mom, 47-year-old Mary Jo Hadley, as "really close."

"Like one time he told - he, like, yelled at her and he told her, like, shut up or something and he - he was like, I can't believe I just said that and walked over. He was like, I'm sorry for yelling at you," said Ryan Stonesifer.

Stonesifer told police Hadley never really talked about his father, 54-year-old Blake Hadley. Tyler is accused of killing both Blake and Mary Jo Hadley at the family home on Granduer Avenue in Port St. Lucie last July. Police say he then invited friends on Facebook to a party at his house, with his parents' bodies still inside.

In a taped interview, Marc Andrews, another friend of Hadley's, told police that Hadley had talked about killing his parents, even joked about it, at a young age.

"When was the first time you believe he said something like that? That you were like, what - why would he say that?" the investigator asked Andrews.

"I think he was like ten, but his parents had like - I don't know what they had done," answered Andrews. "It was a while ago, but they had, like, pissed him off somehow and he comes over to my house. He's like dude, yada, yada, yada, he tells me what happens. He's like dude, I'm gonna kill my parents."

One of the people police interviewed said Hadley was not "big on parties."

"He was more of a - you ever gone to a high school and there's just that one kid that everyone thinks he's going to bring a gun to school and just shoot people?" said Andrews.

"Uh-huh," said the investigator.

"Yeah, he kinda reminded me of that, but at the same time he didn't. He didn't like to fight," said Andrews.

And yet, the teen who was not known for fighting, is sitting in jail, accused of beating to death his mom and dad with a hammer.

Hadley's next court date is November 29th.

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